N J Magas writes short fiction in fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction and horror. You can find her works in the anthologies below.

Issue 27 Customer Service
Ryan’s life has spiraled out of control and he just can figure out why. The life he signed up for was perfectly serviceable back when he signed his contract, but nothing is working out the way it should. Desperate to get his life back on track, Ryan has only one option left: call customer service.

Available at Neo-opsis.

darkly never after coverDarkly Never After
Fairytales aren’t just for children anymore. This collection of tales, both retold and original explores the other side of the page, where the wolves that eat children aren’t slain, the monsters under the bed are real, and the darkness never lifts. Not every fairytale has a happy ending.

Available on Amazon.


coverAmok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction
Published by: Solarwyrm Press
For diversity in setting and story there can be no better choice of anthology than Amok. With 24 stories set in over a dozen locations throughout the Asia-Pacific, and written by a broadly international collection of authors, Amok will take readers through traditional mythology, fantasy, science fiction, dystopias and more.

Available on Amazon.

growing concerns coverGrowing Concerns
Published by: Chupa Cabra House
The first of its kind, Growing Concerns is a botanical eco-horror anthology featuring works by 19 authors. Edited and compiled by Alex Hurst, each story is a chilling reminder that nature wants us dead–very dead–and has a whole host of ways to make it so.

Out of print.

Want to read more? N J also writes reviews for Tangent Online Magazine, and travelogues of her Japanese adventures for Taiken Japan.


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