Reader Responses

One of my favorite things is hearing what you have to say about my stories. Here are some of the reviews from around the internet.

Thoughts on ‘Where the Fireflies Go’, from Amok:

NJ Magas’ “Where the Fireflies Go” is a superb tale of ancient Japanese mythological beings battling to survive in the modern world. The ceramic creatures that appear only as outdated statues akin to garden gnomes are in actuality guardian spirits dedicated to protect the home of whoever owns them. After the old man who cared for them dies, his estate is scheduled to be bulldozed, but worse than that, a “bone demon” is making its way from the cemetery to eat the body of their dead master. This is easily one of the best stories in the anthology.
Osie Turner, The Forlorn Path

I’ll admit as I was getting near to the end of the book, I thought I’d already picked my favourites from it, but then this story happened. The perspective in this tale was unlike anything else in Amok, it leapt from the page as a visual and cultural feast of fantasy, both dark and light and truly fascinating.
K. C. Finn


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