Back To School Week

I’ve always loved September. The change in the weather from the sizzling hot grasp of August into the breezy, slightly damp first days of autumn; shopping for school supplies, and the easy first few days of classes when teachers want to do less teaching and more rapport building to avert any potential problems for the rest of the school year. It’s also my birthday month, which I’ve always denied as being the true reason why I love September so much.

In honesty, I enjoy returning to school after summer break. Even though that now mythical two month vacation period I enjoyed as a grade school student is long gone into my nostalgic past, the prospect of returning to university after my *cough* six year hiatus is making me more than a little excited.

I finally know what direction I want to take my education in. I don’t have a clear career path, per se, but I know that if I want to drop $50,000 on a four year trial to get a piece of paper, I want to enjoy the process. Thankfully my school has a double minor option for getting a degree, so I’ll be taking Sociology and Publishing.

Love of sociology was an accidental discovery during my first year of university, before I booked it to Japan. Most of my papers argued from a sociological angle, and I found myself reading and being fascinated by more and more sociology books. I’m hoping university doesn’t kill my hobby passion under the weight of academic study. Fingers crossed.

Publishing on the other hand will give me some actually salable technical skills that sociology won’t. There are a lot of graphic design, marketing, and economics courses in the program that may be transferable to future career. And if I’m going to continue to pursue this dream of being an author, some knowledge of the actual industry might be helpful.

In the end, I have no idea where any of this will take me. I don’t like to plan too much for my future, because sticking to the plan necessitates closing and locking too many doors. I’d rather pencil in a course on the map and see where the wind takes me along the way. Besides that, Alex has made a pretty solid plan for herself and the last thing I want for us to have is plans that diverge. Completing my four year degree is my only real goal at the moment. After that, we’ll see what the options are.


3 thoughts on “Back To School Week

  1. I am not very pro-school at the moment.
    For reasons I went into on my blog not too long ago.
    And others.
    But I hope it’s everything you want it to be!

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