A is for…

AA is for anger, apathy, and absence of opinion:

Abercrombie, Joe
Amis, Kingsley
Anthony, Piers
Ashworth, Jenn
Asprin, Robert
Atwood, Margaret
Austen, Jane



All right, starting the challenge off with A because starting with Z would just be silly. The Blade Itself was the first book on my reading list this year and if you’ve followed my blog previously you’ll know that it completely blew me away. As Joe Abercrombie‘s first published book it is an incredibly well-written, well-paced, and entertaining read. He now has seven books to his name and is wrapping up a young adult fantasy series at this time. He writes fantasy in the sub-genre dark, or gritty, or grim, or however you choose to label ‘violence, swearing and sex’. I call it realistic, but realism is already used to describe another sub-genre. Oh well. You can find my reviews for his First Law trilogy here, here, and here.

Next, Kingsley Amis (16 April 1922 – 22 October 1995), a prolific English writer whose only work I’ve read is Lucky Jim. At first I didn’t think I’d like the book, but as I continued I chillingly started to relate more and more to Jim Dixon, which really made me question my own life and relationships. In any case, it’s a slim book and a good read. I should pick up more of Amis’s works in the future.

Piers Anthony, a staple of science fiction and fantasy whose work I have not read. The confession is out, I’m so embarrassed. His books adorned the shelves of my library in high school, but I did not read them then because of a science fiction bias I bitterly held but am now overcoming. That two of his books are in my reading queue is proof of that.

I’ll admit that Jenn Ashworth isn’t an author I would usually pick up on my own, as literary fiction isn’t a genre I usually read. Cold Light was a gift from a friend who was shelf cleaning, and I rarely turn away a free book. It’ll be read sometime.

I have wanted to read Robert Asprin‘s Myth Adventures series since my early teens. I had several of the books from the middle, but never the first one. This was before the days of ‘OMG I can buy anything I want on the internet!’ Also before the days of my actually having money to buy books. Anyway, times have changed, and now I have the first two Myth Adventures books ready to be read.

Be kind. I have not yet read Margaret Atwood or Jane Austen. I am aware that I am a terrible person. I will correct my mistake sometime in the future.


Which of these books have you read? If you have any recommendations for works by any of the above mentioned authors, let me know in the comments. My Amazon wishlist could always use more books.