Momiji Viewing In Japan

This week my article on Eiden Rail’s Momiji Tunnel went live. It’s a short piece, part of their autumn series on the best places in Japan to see the autumn foliage, specifically the tiny Japanese maple leaf that turns such a brilliant shade of red in the autumn that several fire festivals are held throughout Japan every year in its honor. The momiji is to autumn what the sakura is to spring, and with the weather cooling down and the crisp scent of burning leaves and scrumptious baked sweet potato in the air, autumn might just be the best time of year to visit Japan.

Check out my article here, as well as the rest of Taiken Japan’s autumn 2015 series if you’re planning a trip over relatively soon. Here’s just a taste of the colors Japan has to offer in October and November.


8 thoughts on “Momiji Viewing In Japan

    • Japanese maples are just stunning. I thought I knew maples, coming from Canada and all, but I’d never seen such reds on leaves before I moved here. Autumn is my favorite time of year in Japan.

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