Tangent Reviews: SQ Mag

This is the last one, I swear. I would have bundled them all together, but I like to separate them by publication when I can. This was my first time reading SQ and it was decent. None of the stories reached out and grabbed me by my soul, but I don’t remember detesting any of them either. I reviewed, “The Florist” by M. B. Vujačić, “Stairwell” by Ron Riekki, “Home Delivery” by Michelle Jager, “Inner Dragon” by James Aquilone, and “Bot Malfunction” by Iulian Ionescu. My review of all five of these stories can be found here.

6 thoughts on “Tangent Reviews: SQ Mag

  1. Entertaining and intriguing reviews, NJ, and I’m curious to read Inner Dragon and totally sold on Bot Malfunction. Ionescue’s story and subject matter sound like it will be ripe with possibility. And the future of medical malpractice has got to be a topic that many authors will find so much to work with.

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