Z is for Zlatorog

Zero animals today exist that have solid gold anything, and that’s a shame. I mean, how cool would it be if you could raise a sheep with a literal golden fleece? Intellectually I know this would do nothing to actually end things like poverty and world hunger, but think of how cool it would be to have a field full of gold sheep?

But it goes without saying that you’ve got to be careful what animals and their parts you bling. Fleece and sheep are relative harmless. You wouldn’t want to be hunting the lion with the golden mane, or the elephant with the golden bazooka, and especially not the zlatorog with the golden horns.

The zlatorog is an animal from Slovenian folklore that pretty much looks like a mountain goat with huge golden horns and a sick sense of humor. It has apparently been taking lessons from the roadrunner on how to deal with poachers, as this flighty creature lures potential hunters to their deaths over the edges of cliffs. Yikes. The good news is that it never died in the legends. It was wounded once, and its blood became the first carnations, so if you’ve got a taste for gold and aren’t afraid of a horrible splattery death over the side of a cliff, you could always give this one a shot. Personally, I’m going to wait for science to give me golden guinea pigs.

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22 thoughts on “Z is for Zlatorog

  1. We did it! I’ve really enjoyed the challenge for the second time, and connecting with bloggers I already know from the first time makes it extra special. You’re one of those, so thank you.

  2. Let’s celebrate! And I loved this finale. That book looks like one I’d like on my bookshelf. A goat with a sick sense of humor? I’d like to read some stories about this creature…

  3. Big tick and well done on surviving the journey. I think I’ll go for golden slugs. That way I won’t feel so guilty when I toss them into the neighbour’s garden…

  4. I have really enjoyed reading you from A to Z. Your posts are so so so informative and well-researched. Thanks and best of luck as you take a breather but continue writing. I look forward to reading more. Cheryl

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