U is for Unicorn

Unfortunately, most of my books on this subject are in Canada, due to being either too old or too delicate to ship over with the bulk of my reading collection. Alex sent them to me lovingly many years ago as treasures from her childhood and I’ve been hesitant to put them in any sort of danger because of their dual sentimental value.

The Unicorn is undoubtedly one of the key figures in western mythology, though many countries have some sort of four-legged, hoofed, one-horned creature that can be more or less called a unicorn, depending on how you stretch your definition. I was never much enamored by them in my youth (unless you count My Little Ponies; I liked them before they were cool again, damnit!) as I much preferred dragons, but when Alex and I got a chance to see La Dame à la licorne (The Lady and the Unicorn) in Osaka, during one of the only two times they have ever left France, I jumped at the occasion. The first thing I noticed upon entering the museum was how few people were actually there. Granted the Art & Science museum was kind of out of the way, and the building itself was small, but these tapestries are ridiculously famous around the world. The second thing I noticed was the incredible scale of the tapestries, five in total. They are toweringly huge, truly meant to cover a large wall, floor to ceiling. The amount of time that went into the creation of each of them must have been staggering and indeed, touring the tapestries you can see how the artist’s skill evolved between each project. It was a lovely, insightful venture, and definitely one of the best museum trips we’ve ever taken together.


18 thoughts on “U is for Unicorn

  1. You’re so lucky to have seen those tapestries in person. I was excited the first time I even got to see decent PHOTOS of them.

    “One monoceri
    Cannot fit on a bus,
    For one monoceri
    Is two monoceros.”


  2. When you think logically, a rhino is just a fat unicorn ..
    However, a little secret. My daughter is 30 years old and a mother of three of my grandchildren. Just recently, her eldest daughter had to explain to her that unicorns aren’t actually extinct, they’ve never existed. So put out was she by being told such nonsense by a ten year old that granddad was telephoned to explain to said child how wrong she was.
    I adore my children and the overwhelming majority of the time I look at them and think of them with deep affection and pride. There are times though…..

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