Q is for Question

Quite early on in my relationship with Alex I realized that we existed on the same brain wave. I know it’s not a unique feature among couples to finish each other’s sentences, or have similar thoughts and interests, but it’s shocking how similar we are when we think. We can conduct whole conversations where half the information isn’t actually physically communicated. We just get what the other is going on about without further clarification.

I don’t think any other event showcases this more than the Valentine’s Day of 2010. Alex planned the whole thing, and while I won’t go into details about it because that was a weekend that would take pages and pages to address, the relevant thing here is that we got each other nearly identical gifts.

To be clear, we were living in different countries at the time and while we spoke nightly over the ‘net, neither of us were privy to the other’s plans. This trip in particular was supposed to be a big surprise. So what, exactly did we give each other? A novelty rose (the one she game me lit up and the one I gave her was pose-able), a plush animal and a relationship quiz book.

The latter in particular was surprising, considering that it’s a very specific gift to give. Anyway, that’s how we ended up with All About Us and How I Love you. Maybe these sorts of books were just really popular that year, I don’t know, but it has been a source of amusement to the both of us ever since.

Come to think of it, I don’t think we ever finished filling these things out. Hmmm…


16 thoughts on “Q is for Question

    • Some of the questions are kind of ridiculous and cliched, and others are just not applicable to us, but it was a fun thing to do at the start of our relationship. And yeah, we were both really surprised.

  1. Funny! The plush animal I can maybe understand if you both knew the other liked them, but the other two are strange coincidences. I don’t imagine many couples ever discuss whether they like novelty roses or not!

      • I’ve just remembered last year’s birthdays. I gave my husband a card in April which I thought was perfect – it referenced somewhere we had been together. On my birthday in July he gave me exactly the same card! He obviously had no idea and I was kind enough not to mention it……

  2. I think it was more amusing that we had about ten minutes of silence during dinner the other day, and you started a sentence, suddenly, in mid-thought, and I knew exactly what you were talking about and it wasn’t even a thing. ❤ The only time it gets annoying is when we're plotting things and think up the same evil!

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