K is for Korea

Keeping in mind that I have only ever extensively traveled in Asia, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I have been to Seoul. Those who were with me on last year’s A to Z challenge may remember my brief Visitor’s Guide to the city, and indeed, my first trip to Korea, ever. Alex and I both got our fill of what we always look for when traveling: history and nature. While Seoul is undoubtedly a major city, it does have its share of scenic parks and historical landmarks. While visiting some of these landmarks we got to see how Korean Temple Motifs differ from those in Japan. The biggest difference are the wide use of a variety of colors, but architecturally they differ as well in more subtle ways.

One of the other big differences between Japan and Korea is that the Korean national museums have free admission. This was a huge shock, and a welcomed surprise, as the museum buildings were quite beautiful and had a lot of stuff inside them to see. We got to learn about Joseon Royal Court Culture and Women in Korean History through interactive dioramas and themed rooms to explore. Pictures were allowed and we came away with many Treasures of Palace life preserved forever in memorable photographs.


8 thoughts on “K is for Korea

  1. My daughter also loved Seoul – went there as often as she could, but it was 2 hours each way from where she was working. She’s Korean by birth – we adopted her when she was 6 months old – we call her our Seoul Sister!

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