New Tangent Reviews

I’ve got some new reviews up at Tangent Online Magazine.

I’ll be reviewing Terraform for the whole month of March. The first story is Julian Mortimer Smith’s “Headshot.”

I’ve also reviewed the #13 issue of Galaxy’s Edge, featuring stories by Liz Colter, Brad R. Torgersen, Eric Leif Davin, Fabio F. Centamore, and Kathleen Conahan. There’s a nice mixture of fantasy and science fiction in this one, and you should go give it a look.

I’ll be posting a new book review soon, separate from my Tangent reviews. I honestly haven’t finished a single book so far this year. Perdido Street Station is taking me forever to get through. I’m nearing the end, though, so I’m hoping I’ll have a review for it up soon. My blog has been feeling really empty lately.


4 thoughts on “New Tangent Reviews

  1. If you get a chance, Galaxy’s Edge was a decent read. Reviewing short stories is a nice break between reviewing novels. Completely different beast, though.

  2. I made the mistake of moving the TV with Roku into my room. I thought I would watch while I was working because the radio tends to get a bit static and that bugs me. TV, I thought, could just blab on in the background. But, instead I’m watching TV more than ever before. Not just as background but actually watching it. This has cut back drastically on my reading. But, not, of course, on my buying of new books to be read.

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