Grilled Chicken

The Perfect Salad Bowl

Grilled Chicken SaladIMG_2151

Prep Time: 30 minutes (requires cooking to avoid salmonella)
Calories: Um… yes.
Healthy (+): Dark leafy greens are supposed to be good for you. Nice balance of protein, fiber and vitamins.
Healthy (-): Careful how much oil you use to cook the chicken. Crunchy noodles also add calories (but they’re so tasty!)
Cost: > $10
Delicious scale: four and a half stars

The wonderful thing about salads is that if you have a carnivore craving or you need a quick protein infusion, you can pile a bunch of meat onto the top of your green things and it’s still technically a salad! Now, I’m trying to go easy on the red meat after two weeks of gorging on bacon and steak in Canada over Christmas left me and my heart in a bit of a catatonic state. Scary stuff, yo. Fortunately, chicken is a nice little healthy substitute, if you’re into that…

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8 thoughts on “Grilled Chicken

  1. I’m totally up for trying it, apart from the shrooms. I refuse to put fungus anywhere except in the garbage where spongy spore-like growth belongs. (Sorry to mushroom lovers out there everywhere. I’ve tried. I’ve really, really tried. It’s all squidge.)

  2. I’m not great at cooking chicken, unless it’s a whole chicken. I seem to try cooking chicken like steak and the chicken just doesn’t work well that way. But, this works out all right as I don’t buy meat too often and when I do I really love a good steak.

    Today I’m trying to make coleslaw, because we should be eating more vegetables and coleslaw is nothing if not vegetables. I’m also trying to find a use for 2 dozen stale tea biscuits which I assumed were going to have longer before their best before date expired. So far the best idea I’ve had is to turn them into rum balls.

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