Upcoming Workshop in Kent, Washington

It’s no secret that workshops are a valuable part of any writer’s creative and professional advancement. The right workshop can not only impart valuable craft and writing techniques, but can also put authors in contact with editors and agents, and readers in contact with authors. I feel the lack of English workshops keenly here in Japan, but if you live in Washington there’s no need for you to feel the same emptiness.

Cascade Writers hosts a variety of genre specific writer workshops throughout the year in Kent, Washington. Their past speakers and instructors have included many industry professionals from top editors and agents to best selling authors. They are now looking to fill seats for their July 23-26 workshop, held at the Ramada Inn in Kent. The workshop will feature the following leaders and speakers:

  • Claire Eddy (Senior Editor, Tor/Forge Books)
  • John (J.A.) Pitts (Author)
  • Shannon Page (Author)
  • Mark J. Ferrari (Author)
  • Alex C. Renwick (Author)
  • Everett Maroon (Author)
  • Lee Moyer (Illustrator)
  • Laura Anne Gilman (Editor/Author)
  • Randy Henderson (Author)

Seating is limited, so if you’re looking to rub elbows with some fantastic, experienced people in science fiction and fantasy, at $250 per person, this is a great deal. Information can be found here.

Cascade Writers is a non-profit organization run by a group of dedicated individuals with the goal of bringing quality workshops and speakers to writers at an affordable cost. Admissions go toward venue rentals and transportation, lodging and meals for speakers. Who they can bring and for how long depends largely on workshop attendance. If you are unable to attend this event yourself, I encourage you to spread the word to other authors and fans who may be interested.

Coming in from out of town? Cascade Writers is inclusive and welcomes participants from all over America and the world. If you’re one of the 15-30% of out of town or overseas attendees, the Ramada Inn has a free shuttle service that can pick you up from SeaTac Airport.

Can’t make the July Workshop? No problem! Cascade Writers is hosting another event in September featuring such guests as Todd McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Bill Johnson, John Lovett, and more.

Still not convinced? Your support will help add teachers and speakers such as Django Wexler and John Scalzi to the already impressive list of talents and professionals who have appeared at Cascade Writers events in the past.

Have a question? The organizers at Cascade Writers are available to take your questions by phone or by email. Don’t be shy, ask away!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Workshop in Kent, Washington

  1. You’re so right, NJ, there is nothing quite like a workshop to put a massive zing into your literary tools. I can’t imagine skipping either of the two I look upon as the bookends of my writing year. One in spring and the other in the fall, these two events are spaced so perfectly apart, and hold so much value to me, I feel I should make a separate dedication page to them in the acknowledgment section of my books.
    Are you going to the event in Washington? It certainly sounds like it has and has had some terrific leaders participating.

    • No, we can’t make it this year since we’re saving for our move, but since we’ll be moving back to the west coast, we’ll definitely be attending in the future, when we’re financially stable again. 🙂 I can’t wait, honestly. These past few years of writing and hearing about all the awesome conferences and workshops my friends are going to–it’s been driving me mad!

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