A Year of Reading: 2014

It’s back! The end of the year reading stats, because the writing stats are embarrassingly non-existent. I read a lot of books this year–forty-two to be exact–and while it was my plan to read a lot more fantasy than I did last year, as you can see that didn’t really pan out. Anthologies take first prize this year, which I guess sort of count toward fantasy, since that figure is heavily weighted with The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Non-fiction as always also scored high, and third place goes to the classics.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 9.12.31 PM

As far as format is concerned, you can see I got a lot more use out of my Kindle this year. I had a lot of books gifted to me, which is a blessing for any book lover. Having them all in one place was certainly handy, however the Paper White definitely has its disadvantages. Most notably its lag and the inability to quickly flip through to find a passage. The latter was especially frustrating when writing reviews.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 9.19.12 PMI did have a reading list of thirty books to get through in 2014. However, despite reading forty-two books this year, I only just made a dent in my list. I get distracted very–SQUIRREL!

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 9.29.19 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-19 at 9.29.44 PM

And finally, there were some truly amazing books that I read this year, which I feel deserve recognition. So instead of the huge photo dump of everything I read, here’s my

Top 10 Favorite Reads of 2014

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Thank you to everyone who visited, liked and commented this year. I hope you enjoyed the content, and I look forward to seeing you again in 2015.

Happy New Year!


11 thoughts on “A Year of Reading: 2014

  1. Happy New Year to you, too. I’ve really enjoyed your blog this year, especially the comments on the classics and recommendations for books I should take a look it – not to mention all the wonderful information about Japan. Write on!

  2. My girlfriend STILL hates me (and Ellen Kushner) for The Man with the Knives. XD

    Also, Roger Zelazny’s Amber series is SO GOOD.

    Also also, if you’re interested in Alexander the Great, I highly recommend the historical fiction trilogy about him by Mary Renault.

    • I want to read The Man with the Knives again, but I’m afraid it’ll upset me again. Such good writing, so, so sad.

      My partner wasn’t all that impressed with Amber, but I REALLY liked Lord of Light.

      I have Renault’s “The King Must Die” already. I read through half of it before I got ADD and started something else. What’s her Alexander story called?

    • I can go to a location, but only if I know where the location is. When I do reviews, I quickly flip through for names, or places, or events that I know happened at a certain place. But on an e-reader, all the places look the same, so I lose track of where I am. Not to mention that the lag on the Paper White is tedious at best and maddening at worst.

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