New Reviews! More Reviews! Reviews!

Guys! I’m writing reviews for Tangent Online Magazine now. You can find my first review (of Darcie Little Badger’s Nkást íí) here. If you like that one, click the links again when I post more. Please click the links. It’s the only thing keeping the hoards away.

For those of you who have a phobia of link clicking, or whose mothers told them never to click links from strangers, or who just don’t like being told what to do by strange women online, that’s cool, I guess. I’ll still post my normal reviews here on the blog, but they won’t be anywhere near as nice and shiny as the Tangent reviews. It’s your loss.

And for the few of my readers who stay active on the internet during the holidays, I have two more posts scheduled for 2014. Don’t miss them! (I’ll know.)


3 thoughts on “New Reviews! More Reviews! Reviews!

  1. N, I read the review by clicking “here”. I have survived the action although, I am concerned about certain ramifications by malevolent ghosts like I am of North Korea.
    Ramifications aside, is there a “subscribe here link to this collection of reviews? I missed it.

    Eduardo Barbudo (acquaintance of Stuart)

    • Dear Eduardo:

      I applaud your bravery. I’m sure you’ll be rewarded in the afterlife, as I am short on cash right now and can’t compensate you in the present. As for a subscribe button, I’ll look around for one. They can be tricky to find. They only come out at night when the moon is full and Venus is rising.

      Best wishes,

      • …not moving my head…looking ft..glancing right…
        Thanks for the answer. If I must I will wait for Venus rising. Makes sense becasue when Venus rises next in the third house, there will be a rise in self-expression, communication, the appearance of omens and synchronicity, neighbors and siblings, journeys of the mind, learning/teaching, education and subscribe button will appear!

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