A New Release and Some Life Updates

After days of waiting in anticipation after the first announcement of its release, I give you, for your reading pleasure, Darkly Never After in both electronic and paperback formats. All proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, so I encourage you to buy paperback (but if you don’t have the coin in your pocket for it, I completely understand). Do anything but pirate it, I beg you. No one got paid for this. Our editor and formatter gave up pieces of their soul for this book, and all our authors are now scrabbling under couch cushions for loose change and stray ramen noodles for want of sustenance. At least let some money trickle to the charity.

Right, dramatics aside, all proceeds are going to the St. Jude charity, information for which can be found here.

I hope the book gives you delicious nightmares and oh, don’t forget to check under your bed and leave a light on. I’m told that helps.

darkly never after coverClick me!


Moving on. Last week I celebrated what was the beginning of my last year as a twenty-something. I’ve got one more year to party, live it up, drink excessively and make bad financial decisions before I have to finally settle down and become an adult. You know, I think I said something very similar to this a decade ago and that would be very troubling and worrisome, if I actually did party, drink excessively or make bad financial decisions. All things considered, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned about being an adult, it’s that there’s a lot of grey area concerning what ‘adult’ actually means, and even more when we start throwing adjectives like ‘responsible’ and ‘well-adjusted’ into the mix. I certainly don’t feel like an adult, but I wouldn’t know what to expect that to feel like anyway. I still make some pretty immature decisions, mixed in with some more moderate ones, but mostly I’ve learned that no one ever really knows what the hell they’re doing. Twenty-nine feels like an age in which I should have all my ducks in a row and a clear path planned out for me, but I’m still not entirely sure what the right path for me even is. I don’t know if anyone does. At my age, my parents already had three kids and our family was surviving on one full-time income and one part-time income only. There’s no way in hell I can picture myself doing the same thing, but people do what they have to do, as the situation calls for it. That’s what I’m doing, and I’m fortunate that the decisions I’ve made so far have netted me positive results. I hope they continue to do so.

In any case, Amber sent me a bottle of Chartreuse for my birthday, and you know what that means:



Finally, I’m in the final stretch for a double deadline at the moment, so I’m going to disappear for a little while. I’ve put Bone Wall on hold ( I know, I KNOW) to write a short story. I’m going through the up and down roller-coaster ride of “This is the greatest idea I’ve ever had” and “OMG, this is crap, everything I’ve ever done is crap. I’m just going to sleep forever”. Eventually it’ll even out into a nice sort of sour optimism as I finish revisions. So yeah, not a lot of time to read or review or blog. I shouldn’t even be writing this post right now, but I’m hoping if I get everything off my plate tonight, I’ll be able to spend my Sunday writing.



14 thoughts on “A New Release and Some Life Updates

  1. Happy, happy birthday! I am envious – at the end of your 20’s only and your whole life ahead of you. Enjoy the imaginings of what you might do, where you might go, how you will become. It’s such an anticipatory time of your life! Be free, drink to excess, and make a few mistakes to learn from. But most of all enjoy yourself to the hilt!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one. I think that was my biggest fear coming out of high school. That I was suddenly looked upon as an adult, but I had no idea how to be one. It was equal parts reassuring and terrifying to figure out that most of the adults in my life didn’t have a damn clue either.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, NJ! Oh, the glorious twenties. So much good to come. Think of all the writing you have ahead of you. But one must live a full and adventuresome life in order to have full and adventuresome tales. So leave the compare and contrast behind. Blaze your bold trail. Burn a few bridges and take a few leaps. It is worthy. And you ARE a very gifted writer.
    Now go show those monks how much you appreciate their birthday gift of “an elixir of long life!”

    • So that’s two votes for a life on the drunken wild side. Haha! I’ve had lots of very interesting adventures in my short life. I’m hoping I have many more. Especially the traveling. The more traveling I do the happier I’ll be.

      *raises shot glass*

  3. I think the only reason that things seem so undetermined, now, at 30 is that people wait so long to start families. When you’re married with kids at 24, your range of choices is drastically limited. It’s a different world than it was 50 years ago.

  4. Congratulations on the new anthology, and what a wonderful cause to benefit.

    I’m in my mid-thirties, not too much older than you, but I remember feeling like 30 was a turning point for me. I thought, “I’m going to finally have all my shit together now.” But the fact is, no one ever has all their ducks in a row. At least not for long. All we can do is look at life as one big learning process, building on experience after experience. Many times I’ve repeated to myself a wonderful quote by Piet Hein:

    “The road to wisdom? Well, it’s plain
    and simple to express:
    and err
    and err again
    but less
    and less
    and less.”

    • That is a wonderful quote. I feel much the same way. I don’t think I’ve reached the point yet where getting older is scary, but I am starting to look a little closer at the future and considering where I’m going. I’m happy as a writer, and my current situation allows me to BE a writer, but it’s not a forever thing. I think that’s the scary part. Having a goal and being unable to tell if it’s going to succeed.

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