The Black Horse: A Darkly Never After Short

Once upon a time, when the world was still young and the Sun was still just a moon, there lived three brothers. The first was fantastically wealthy, the second was fantastically powerful, and the third was neither of those things, but he was passably clever, and unlucky enough to get involved with the black horse.

Darkly Never After is a collection of thirty-one dark stories and poems. There are no happy endings here. Villains and wickedness, dark magic and evil deeds preside in this anthology of adult fairytales. If you have a penchant for the fiendish or an interest in the dark stains on basement walls, Darkly Never After invites you to return to the magic and fantasy of youth, leaving the rose tinted glasses behind.

Darkly Never After

darkly never after cover

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7 thoughts on “The Black Horse: A Darkly Never After Short

  1. Yeay! I love these kinds of stories! I noticed a trend of turning online love stories into movies, especially in the country where I come from. It was kinda disappointing but I knew I wanted to do dark humour, twisted endings and yes, add death to many of my stories! So I will be waiting for this! 😀

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