U is for…

UU is for utterly understocked:

Updike,  John



I’m going to have to cheat a little today too, as I really don’t have any novels on my shelf written by a U author. What I do have, however, is John Updike‘s short story, A & P in this collection of The World’s Greatest Short Stories. I can’t actually tell if they actually are the world’s greatest short stories. For one, I haven’t read all the stories in here, and two, I don’t think I’ve come anywhere near to reading all the world’s short stories to be an accurate judge. A & P is a good story, though. It’s got some fantastic imagery and lovely prose as it bumps down the uneven road of the old rattling into the new. This line in particular made me smile:

“All of a sudden I slid right down her voice and into her living room.”

It’s not surprising that Updike was acclaimed for his language and prose. He was one of only three authors to receive a Pulitzer Prize more than once. He wrote about a book a year and produced many, many short stories. A & P showcases nicely the general theme in his works of the day to day first world problems of the average American, especially concerning morality, religion, family, and sexuality.



So this is all I’ve got for U today. Have any others I could add to my shelves? The poor dragon is looking lonely beside one lone book.


11 thoughts on “U is for…

  1. I love those one-liners that stick with you, take you to that really good place inside. Makes the reading more worthwhile. No “U” help today. I’ll be checking late tomorrow on your “V” list though. Wheels are a spinnin’.

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