Things That Make Me Very Happy

Remember how I said that the next book on my reading list would be Scaramouche? Yeah, I totally lied. Oh, I started it, and I’ll finish it too, because it’s a damn good book, but my copy of The Incrementalists arrived today, so that’ll pretty much be taking up all my reading time between now and whenever I finish it. Ooo~ it’s a pretty book. None of the pictures actually do it justice. It’s all gold and metallic and shinny. I feel like a dog with a treat, whining and carrying it all over the house looking for the perfect, private place to enjoy it, stealing hungry glances at it, afraid to start it lest it be over too quickly.

IMG_0788But this book is a special kind of awesome for me because it’s signed. What’s the easiest way to make a bibliophile the happiest woman in the world? Give her a book autographed by her favorite author, of course. Way back in March Steven Brust hosted an art contest on his blog asking for a logo for the book’s website. Of course, my first thought was ‘I can art! I can ART!’ which was then followed by me spending the next few days scribbling all over my sketchbooks. Unfortunately, all of my cool art toys were left in Canada when I moved, so I had to settle for grainy scans on the work copier and the ever-patient wisdom of Alex and this newfangled art medium known as Photoshop. After much table flipping, and cursing the lack of even a goddamn mouse with which to digitally color the sketches, I settled for the best I could do.

I didn’t win, but I got my choice of prize anyway. Honestly, to be told that my drawings were ‘really cool’ was enough of a prize in itself, but the addition of the autographed copy made my entire year. I could have been told I was losing my leg to necrotizing fasciitis, and I probably still would have been reasonably happy that day.

So, after pacing my mailbox for the whole of September, it arrived today, signed by both authors, which just made me even happier. Once I find a suitable place in my house I’ll turn around there four or five times, I’ll start reading it and post my thoughts here as always. Best birthday present ever.

IMG_0786Speaking of which, my books finally arrived! Alex said they were supposed to arrive sometime mid-October, so it goes without saying that I was pleased they came when they did. Alex went through my 12 page long wish list on Amazon and bought me all these lovely books. Many of them were recommended to me by friends or from Goodreads. Collectively there are so many pages here to be read that I shiver with excitement every time I look at this picture. Alex’s birthday books should be arriving sometime this week as well. It’s a good thing we bought a new shelf. Our living room downstairs is starting to look like a library. It’s wonderful. All my dreams are coming true. Also, Alex got The Periodic Table of Storytelling back from the frame shop. It’s now hanging proudly in our bedroom, making it look much more professional, or at least a little bit classier.

In other good news, it looks like we’ve finally found a teacher for the Sunday class! I hope. Oh dear lord, I hope she doesn’t quit! She’s really good with the kids, full of energy, with lots of experience and enthusiasm. So yay! I finally have a day off during the week again! And next week is a vacation week, too. I’m going to take the time to get some stories written, some painting in and some shopping done. And possibly clean my house, if I’m desperate for something to do.

So yeah, sometimes when you make a public complaint about how sucky life can be, it comes back at you with a series of really awesome things, just to remind you what kind of a spoiled brat you are.


One thought on “Things That Make Me Very Happy

  1. Your comment on losing your leg made me giggle. Not the leg-losing part, but the fact that a signed book would be enough to keep you happy in such a situation. This is why I love you.

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