General Life Updates

A bunch of things happened this past week, and I wish I could say that all of them were pleasant, but you know how life is. First of all, I rolled over into one more year, which I suppose is a good thing. I’m not dead yet. It was a bit of a low key birthday with some cake, and some alcohol and some reading. None of the books arrived on time though, so that was a little disappointing, but on the other hand, I’ll have tons of birthday presents in October!

Two typhoons blew over Kyoto over the past couple weeks. The first one loosened up the summer dried mountain soil around Tanukidani such that a significant chunk of rock, tree and other nature debris fell down on the road and the stairs leading up to it. It’s always a bit eye opening to realize how easily nature could make you dead.

The second typhoon was stronger. Usually they break up before they hit further inland areas like Kyoto, but over Sunday night we had incredibly strong winds and non-stop rain. I went downstairs and saw a waterfall streaming down between the support beams and the drywall which is never something you want to see inside your house. Our foyer flooded because of it, and the walls upstairs didn’t do much better. We had the dehumidifier going for two days to dry out the wall upstairs. Downstairs still isn’t dry, and parts of the drywall have collapsed and are stained. Joy.

On Monday Alex and I went out to survey the damage. It was thankfully a beautiful early autumn day, so the walk was at least enjoyable. There was a surprising lack of tree fall damage, but there was silt everywhere from where the drains had overflowed. The river was over its banks in some places, and in Arashiyama, it even crested a bridge. For comparison purposes, here’s what the Takano River usually looks like, compared to the day after the storm:

IMG_0339 IMG_0780

The turtles are under about 3 feet of water.

Finally, if this post has been rambling and error filled I apologize but I think I’m in a pre-fever stage. I’ve been slowly losing my voice over the past three days for reasons that are entirely unknown to me, and today I’m feeling generally run down and swollen. I wish I could say that I have the day to my rest and leisure, but I have to teach kindergarten in four hours, the thought of which is just laughable at the moment.


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