Forever Unfinished

I’m pleased that my Slushpocalypse story seems to have been received so well. For all the time I spend collapsed over my laptop unable to convince myself that anyone would want to read the crap I just wrote, even a single, solitary ‘like’ is enough to keep me writing. And I’m not even an optimistic person. So thanks to everyone who read it and liked it. I have a bit more fuel now to keep going.

And because I’m sometimes narcissistic, I read that story over again about 10 more times after I published it here and each time I found another place where I could have used better words or phrasing. It makes me twitch now every time I read it. It’s a reminder for me to write for one day and revise for five. I’m never going to actually finish anything.

Yesterday Alex and I got to talking about the merits of writing short stories. It’s not something that we’ve put a lot of time into before. Most of our work (both together and separate) has been on longer narratives that never seem to have an end. She raised a good point that writing short stories gives her the opportunity to experiment in genre and style without having to commit to a full length manuscript.

I find for me, the gold in writing short stories is the practice in revision. Revision is my favorite part of writing. The actual writing part of it a lot of the time feels like I’m just smashing my head on the keys and rolling it around, but revision is the fun time when I get to try and make all that nonsense sound entertaining. Working on short stories that have to get the point across succinctly, I’m getting a lot of practice in cutting out words and compressing meaning as simply as possible.

It’ll be especially helpful when I revise Beyond the Bone Wall; I’m at 80,000 words and I haven’t even reached the midpoint of the MS yet. Yes, I shake my head at me. A lot will be cut later on. The Docks, too, will have to go through another few rounds of hard scrutiny before I’m ready to submit it to Out of Print. That’s not due until August though, so I have a bit of time to beat it up.

In the meantime, I’m going to take a break in No Pants Writing Week to have No Pants Reading Day. Awesome.


2 thoughts on “Forever Unfinished

  1. I giggled through a lot of this.

    There was a guy on the forum today who said he had a 330k MS that still had another 1/4 to go through… I think you’re okay!

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