Golden Week

Today is the start for Golden Week for me. My poor better half must work tomorrow but I, personally, I’m going to remain in bed. Pants will be optional. What is Golden Week? Golden Week is the first week in May in which I don’t leave my house for fear of accidentally being forced to interact with people. There’s a string of holidays in Japan that are clustered in this first week, and so to make things easier on people, the entire week has more or less become a national holiday.

The downside of this is that it is also the time of the year when everyone packs up their family and travels some place else in Japan. If you have ever seen one of those Japanese rush hour train videos, yeah, it’s something like that. Everywhere. It doesn’t help much that I live in the cultural center of Japan. Not that I’m complaining. Kyoto is a beautiful city and I don’t think I’d like to live anywhere else, but during tourist season it tests my patience with humanity.

So, this Golden Week I will not be traveling. I will not be seeing the sights. I will be at home. I will read, and I will work on my Docks MS. I will finally, for the love of god finish my painting and if it strikes me to get some fresh air, I might go down to the river and get some inspiration for my Le Petit Dauphin MS.

Oh, and kendo. The Kyoto Taikai is this week and I will not miss it this year, but that will go on my other blog.


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